Shadow D at HarbourKIDS Festival


Come to Toronto’s HarbourFront Centre for the HarbourKIDS Festival this Victoria Day Weekend!

The interactive artwork ShadowD
- imagined and prototyped in the CFC Media Lab 2008 -
will be installed in the famous Enwave Theatre!

Growing from the artwork “shh aah ohh”
created in the 2008 TELUS interactive Art and Entertainment Program
by Nicholas Longstaff and Rea McNamara

ShadowD puts YOU in the spotlight, and plays in ways a normal shadow could never imagine.  This delightfully devious digital shadow can do everything that you can – and MORE!

Whether young or old, short or tall, professional dancer, novice or wheelchair rider, you will love the way ShadowD make you move… for every move you make in this magical light-and-shade environment gets mimicked by your digital shadow-twin.  Soon though, your twin decides to take the lead and you discover that you can grow and shrink, twist and melt, change colour and even disappear!

You’ve never heard a shadow speak before?  Well ShadowD can, by borrowing the voice talents of renowned sound poets a.rawlings, Lillian Allen and Rob Read it sings, giggles, gulps and responds to the shapes you make on its giant screen.  You’ll be laughing along too, as kids convince parents to wiggle and shake, and to play out little scenes in light and dark for friends to watch and enjoy.

Play solo, in pairs, groups or gangs; this one-of-a-kind installation will change the way you move, expand the way you think about the dark, and light up your imagination for years to come!

MAY  16,  17,  18 – 11:00 to 5:00
HarbourKIDS Festival 2009: Impact! at The Harbourfront Centre – Toronto
FREE events all weekend for the whole family!
235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON M5J 2G8
(416) 973-4000

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