Seed Exhibits at CODE Live


CFC Media Lab Alumni, Gabe Sawhney and Napo Brousseau, along with former CFC Research and Technology Manager, Galen Scorer, exhibit “Seed” at VANOC’s CODE Live (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition), a festival celebrating Canadian culture and talent into the digital sphere running February 4-21, 2010. Seed will be exhibited at Great Northern Way Campus (577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver) as part of the Eco-Art series, co-presented with the Canadian Film Centre.

Through the use of sound and imagery, users create and populate a forest together, by dialing a particular number on the screen, each participant receives a  “seed” on the public screen.

Seed explores the convergence of rich media and wireless technology in the creation of a collaborative and evolving work of art. Through sound and imagery, users create and populate a forest together. By dialing a particular number on the screen, each participant receives a  “seed” on the public screen. By using the keypad on the cell phone audiences have the ability to grow their seeds, choose the type of trees they want to plant, and change their texture and color.

Seed was presented in 2005 at the Scope Art Fair in NYC and has been shown in Australia, China, Canada and the USA.

Artist Biographies:

Napo Brousseau (Founder, Project Director) makes art as a constantly evolving social tool for exploring, stimulating and creating cultural transformation. Brousseau’s mediums include installations; new media; conceptual art, Digital Portraits; miniature water colours created in India; androgynous oil paintings; charcoal drawings; the landmark ants on the Cameron House in Toronto 1984; prop designs for the Pee Wee Herman TV show, New York.
After graduating from the Canadian Film Centre’s New Media Program in 2001, Brousseau Art Directed the “Swamp”, which holds the distinction of being the first cell phone driven interactive narrative. In 2004, he Directed “Emmersive Gallery”, a new media gallery. And in 2005 he was Artistic Director of “The Josh Lederman Art House” a monthly new media, art performance, which was presented online on

Gabe Sawhney (Wireless Director) is a hacker working at the edges of code and culture. At the CFC Media Lab in 2002, Gabe co-created [murmur], an audio storytelling and archival project, using mobile phones and first-person narratives to share location-specific stories, which would otherwise be lost. [murmur] launched in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal over 2003 and has been featured at numerous festivals and conferences around the world.
Gabe’s recent projects focus on locative media, as well as video and kinetic interactive installation projects. With an academic background in architecture, film and semiotics, Gabe balances an understanding of technology with a passionate interest in visual design, usability and information architecture.

Galen Scorer (Integration Director) was a former Research and Technology Manager as well as advisor on all prototypes and projects developed at the CFC Media Lab. He has worked independently for five years on a broad range of commercial projects including web design, programming, interactive museum exhibits and as an advisor and collaborator to several media artists.
He has taught in many capacities at Ryerson University and Ontario College of Art and Design. He has worked with numerous professors to teach students creative and practical uses of technology in art, design, and programming.  By situating the body in reference to our environment through Net-worked and digital technologies, he investigates the blurring lines of virtual and physical landscapes and the ways in which our bodies inhabit those spaces. In order to explore these ideas he helped form a Research group at Ryerson University called Synth /ops, which investigates artistic uses of broadband networks

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