Monthly Archives: March 2010

Design with Dialogue to Expand Solution Space at April Workshop

Design with Dialogue (DwD) explores leadership in the co-creation of positive organizational change facilitated by conversations for meaningful action.They are a group of practitioners that gathers monthly (second Wednesday of each month) to convene dialogue as a practice in social design to engage the organizations, projects, and civic communities to which they’re committed. The next […]

SiG@MaRS Information Session

Are you a social entrepreneur? Are you an entrepreneur creating a business that helps society or the environment? Are you supporting the work of entrepreneurs at your foundation or ministry? Do you create technology that can be used to affect social change? If you answered yes to any of these questions, are curious to learn […]

CFC Media Lab Alumnus’ Art Installation Featured at Olympics

CFC Media Lab Alumnus, David Clark, has an installation piece entitled Waterfall on display at Whistler Canada Olympic House for the duration of the 2010 Olympics and Para-Olympics. Waterfall is an interactive video sculpture commissioned by Canadian Wildlife Federation to address the issue of water use. David with Kim Morgan, Rachelle Viader Knowles and David […]

CFC Media Lab Faculty Member Organizes “Placing the Human”, a Roundtable on the Continuum of the Virtual and the Embodied

Don’t miss your opportunity to discuss the answers to the following questions: As increasingly sophisticated technologies give rise to visions of the posthuman and experiences of the virtual, what is the place of the human and the non-human? As environmental and human pressures converge, can renewed attention to ‘place’ foster an ethics of care within […]

CFC Media Lab Alumnus to host Toronto Wearables Meet-up

CFC Media Lab alumnus, Angella Mackey and Kate Hartman are initiating a Wearables Meet-up on March 16th at 7:00 pm at OCAD DFI/DMRII Suite: 205 Richmond St, 7th floor – Room 7701, Toronto. The Toronto Wearables Meet-up is a gathering of people interested in wearable technology, fashion, wearable electronics, soft circuits, electronic textiles, emerging materials, […]