CFC Media Lab’s TELUS IAEP Spring 2010 Prototype Preview at MaRS


The CFC Media Lab invites you to join us for our TELUS IAEP Spring 2010 Prototype Preview, exhibiting the talents of Dawn Buie, Orla Garriques, Conor Holler, Cathy Chen, David Goorevitch, Liz Gallo, and Dee Balkissoon.


Created by: Dawn Buie, David Goorevitch, and Liz Gallo

Listen in on a journey of discovery and creation, revealing the human passions and motivations that drive the process of innovation. From the everyday to the truly profound, hear a symphony of voices offering insights into the personalities driving innovation at MaRS. Voicings mines these people’s words for elemental phrases about how they act in the world and what they say they believe. Where Voicings differs from documentary is by revealing the playful aspects of these personalities through associative word play and in doing so finds unanticipated resonances.

Created by: Orla Garriques, Conor Holler, Cathy Chen, and Dee Balkissoon

DruMeBa is a customizable drumming experience promoting collaboration among children with Autism. By combing the communicative and collaborative power of drumming, DruMeBa brings music therapy into the 21st Century. At one of four drumming station, each player hears the rhythms she or he creates while DruMeBa’s central table displays dynamic visuals. These provide players with immediate, whimsical, and easy-to-understand information regarding how hard they are hitting the drums, how much they are collaborating, and whether or not they are in-time with one another.

The Deets!

WHEN: July 28, 6-9 PM
WHERE: MaRS Centre Cafe, 101 College St. Toronto