Culture Days is Fast Approaching!

Calling All Digital Creators!

Culture Days is a massive arts and culture party taking place in every province and territory across Canada this September 24 – 26, 2010 (in Alberta, September 17 – 19). The party takes shape in the form of thousands of free interactive activities for the public to enjoy and appreciate the inner world of artists and creators. Everyone connected to the creative process (including you!) is encouraged to join the movement by registering an activity at

Activities can be as simple opening the doors to your studio and sharing your creative process as a designer, architect, artist or writer. Host a demo in person or online via UStream. The only requirements are that registered activities must be free, open to the public and interactive. The interactive component can be sophisticated or quite simple. For example, if you have an exhibit going on, you can add a simple interaction by offering a chance to meet the artists or to talk to the curators about the show, or finding a way to encourage dialogue among the public themselves.

If you can’t organize an activity this year, we hope you will help spread the word about cool Culture Days activities in your area. Every activity has its own page on the website with social media buttons to make it easy for you to share it with friends. Or make your own Top 10 list on Facebook. Show your support for culture!

For more information on Culture Days, please contact or visit where you can search by postal code or keywords or browse by category or using the Google Maps Mashup.

Be a part of making culture free for all!