CFC Media Lab at 01 San Jose: A Great Success!

The 2010 01SJ Biennial (ZER01, San Jose) was a great success thanks to CFC Media Lab Alumni David McCallum, Rose Bianchini, Kathleen Climie, Sharon Switzer, Angella Mackey, and Pearl Chen as well as CFC Media Lab Operations Manager, Leonardo Dell’Anno.

This festival is predicated on the notion that as artists, designers, engineers, architects, marketers, corporations and citizens we have the tools to (re)build the world, conceptually and actually, virtually and physically, poorly and better, aesthetically and pragmatically, in both large and small ways.

Under the theme “Build Your Own World,” the CFC Media Lab led a series of workshops where participants made their Hoodie “zombie-tag” ready for a widespread, participatory game:

The making of…

01SJ Hoodie Play Workshop
01SJ Hoodie Play Workshop01SJ Hoodie Play Workshop

Project Hoodie Play is based on a wearable game by Rose Bianchini, Kathleen Climie and David McCallum created during their residency at CFC Media Lab’s TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program. (Special shout out goes to Kate Hartman, CFC Media Lab guest faculty for helping us design the workshop!)

Check out Project Hoodie Play in ACTION:

Also at 01SJ, CFC Media Lab and Art for Commuters founder, Sharon Switzer presented the “Best Of” works from the Art For Commuters library that speak to the theme of conscious creation.

Take a peek at the “Best Of” works here:

Also at 01SJ was Luke Jerram’s “Play Me I’m Yours” an installation in which 19 street pianos appeared on the streets of San Jose, CA ( Located in public parks, streets and squares, the pianos were for any member of the public to play and enjoy. This project was about enlivening the urban space and the community in places you would least expect it.

Check out the music video below featuring Canadian Jazz Artist, Ori Dagan (Produced by CFC Media Lab and Leonardo Dell’Anno):


I can hardly wait to see Project Hoodie Play in action on Toronto’s streets this Saturday during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010.

So you think you’re the fastest Zombie in Toronto? PROVE IT! Make InterAccess Gallery (9 Ossington Ave.) a stop on your Nuit Blanche route and sign-up for a game of Zombie tag at 9pm, 12am, or 3am.

Come out and bring me coffee PLAY!