CFC Media Lab Co-Production with NFB to Premiere at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Out My Window:
CFC Media Lab
co-produces with NFB the installation Out My Window: Interactive Views from the Global Highrise, one of the world’s first 360 degree webdocumentaries, set to premiere at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

This co-production brings together NFB’s Out My Window team led by Katerina Cizek with Artist Priam Givord, and CFC Media Lab team David Bouchard, Galen Scorer and Ana Serrano to create a more than life size version of Out My Window.

It explores the state of our urban planet through the people who look out onto the world from highrise windows.

Out My Window features 90 minutes of documentary material from 13 cities around the world, shot in 13 languages. As the director, it’s been an honour to work on this huge global collaborative effort over the last year: we worked with over 100 photographers, journalists, architects, residents, activists, researchers around the world to bring you these incredible stories of inspiration, community and resilience.

- Katerina Cizek
Director of
Out My Window

(Quote from IDFA DocLab Article by Caspar Sonnen. Read the full article here:

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