New voices on stabletalk

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I last posted on <stabletalk>. There are, in fact, lots to report; big changes are planned for CFC Media Lab in the next year or so and in terms of productions our dance-card is pretty much full until mid-November. But, today’s post will not elucidate further on these matters. Today’s post is all about new additions to <stabletalk>.

First, I’d like to thank Kimberly Dean for shepherding this blog during her tenure with us at CFC Media Lab. She has come to represent the “voice” of <stabletalk> for many of you and will be missed. Right now, though, she is likely in 30 degree weather in deep Ecuador sizing up the land where she hopes to install a wellness centre. (Some people design their careers properly right from the start!)

But I’m happy to say that Andrea Mallozzi has agreed to be our new IAEP Coordinator and will be one of the new voices on <stabletalk>. Andrea has been with us for the past year as our stellar IAEP Teaching Assistant so she is no stranger to the Media Lab. She will be your go to person for official news, alumni updates and industry events.

Second, next week we will be welcoming <stabletalk>’s first Guest Editor, Trevor Haldenby. Before I introduce Trevor, let me explain what the Guest Editor position means:

  • An appointed, rolling position whose term is four months long (Thus, we shall have 3 Guest Editors a year.)
  • The appointments will come from CFC Media Lab alumni or faculty from all of our programs
  • They will post once a week on any topic of their choosing related to “new media” (sorry to use this antiquated term, old habit)
  • Their posts will not reflect any official position by the CFC Media Lab or the CFC and is made up entirely of the Guest Editor’s own research, ideas and opinions
  • Platforms for the Guest Editor’s voice include <stabletalk>, and other CFC Media Lab social channels such as Facebook and Twitter

And now it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Trevor Haldenby — photographer, thinker, writer, graduate student, social media analyst, emerging foresighter (sp?), and most importantly, a good guy who gives a really, really good read.

I hope you enjoy his posts in the next coming months, and I urge you all to concur, challenge, discuss, and argue with him as much as you can.

All the best,