Gentrification: The Game! selected for TIFF’s Future Games

Indie games are hot!  If you weren’t already convinced, this April marks the launch of a new games program called Future Games within TIFF’s Sprockets, a film (and now games!) festival for children and youth.

Gentrification: The Game! was selected to be part of this inaugural Future Games program, which aims to showcase a selection of the ‘most challenging and innovative’ games created by Canadian post-secondary students.  Alumni and faculty, Kate Raynes-Goldie, co-creator of Gentrification, who is also a visiting PhD student at Ryerson University’s Experiential Design and Gaming Environments (EDGE) Lab (who was the technology sponsor for Gentrification) will be talking to high school students about the development of the game as well as her work at the EDGE Lab.  She’ll be joined by game co-designer David Fono, who is also a Research Associate at the EDGE Lab.

Atmosphere Industries is thrilled to have this opportunity to talk to the next generation of pervasive game designers.  One of their overall goals is to encourage a thriving pervasive and urban gaming community in Toronto, and they believe this starts with students.  To this end, they would also like to announce the official launch of our monthly sandbox event – – which is open to anyone to come and run a game test, get feedback, or just along to play some fun innovative games. Whether you’re a pro, a hobbyest, a student or have never made a game before, they are looking for you!  The first sandbox is March 26, 2011.  See you there!