Monthly Archives: August 2011

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche: Technological Displacement

The CFC Media Lab’s interactive installations featured in Technological Displacement at The Bata Shoe Museum will explore acoustic, phonetic, and visual/physical spaces as a collision between old and new environments using digital technologies. Projects range from taking the ethereal phonetic text message and converting it into an object to a visual exploration of deep space […]

Hylozoic Tools

Standing beneath the work of Philip Beesley Architect Inc., keeping your jaw closed and eyes on where you’re walking are tall orders. Delicate and yet aggressive structures of webs and skeletons ascend above you, colourful mixtures of wet chemicals swishing and condensing throughout. The experience is not unlike drifting through a coral reef, except that […]

Job Posting: Porter Airlines, Online Design Specialist

Another amazing job opportunity that might be right for you! TITLE: Online Design Specialist FUNCTION: Reporting to the Director, Marketing, this role focuses on online graphic production, based on Porter graphic standards. This role creates a powerful integrated experience across a wide spectrum of applications, including the Porter website, paid media, social media, etc. DUTIES […]

Congrats: Gemini Nominees!

  We would like to congratulate all the nominees for the Gemini awards, especially the ones listed below, some of these amazing people are alumni of CFC Media Lab programs and some have been associated with the CFC Media Lab in the past.  Way to go and best of luck everyone!   Best Cross-Platform Project […]

Amazing Toronto-Based Company in the Spotlight: GestureTek

In 1983 Vincent John Vincent and Francis MacDougall decided they would embark on developing technology to allow body gestures to control computers in a number of ways.  As these advancements were largely ahead of their time, Vincent and MacDougall would find themselves waiting for a number of advances, in both societal beliefs and technology that […]

CFC Media Lab Alum Martin Blake Brings Toronto Police Services into 21st Century!

This past week the Toronto Police Services (TPS) launched their new Social Media Initiative, TPS has had a social media presence in the past but has since re-developed their presence with a couple goals in mind: To establish an external social media strategy for Corporate Communications; To make suggestions on website redesign; To create and make recommendations […]