Scotiabank Nuit Blanche: Technological Displacement

The CFC Media Lab’s interactive installations featured in Technological Displacement at The Bata Shoe Museum will explore acoustic, phonetic, and visual/physical spaces as a collision between old and new environments using digital technologies. Projects range from taking the ethereal phonetic text message and converting it into an object to a visual exploration of deep space using the whole body as the navigational instrument on a screen.

On the eve of the centenary anniversary of Marshall McLuhan’s life, the father of communication studies, we celebrate his work and influence on screen-based media. Inspired by his theories about the global village, as they relate to environments that are navigated, and tensions that exists between old and new technologies.

This Scotiabank Nuit Blanche exhibit promises to be one of our biggest and best yet!  You are all welcome to come and see the five amazing installations, please stay tuned for more details about the projects on display.  Congratulations go out to all those involved:


Ryan Bigge
Hannah Epstein
Michael Evask
Shawn Kerwin
Edwin Lara
Monica Law
Laurel Macdonald
Dylan Reibling
Ryan Rizzo
Vanessa Shaver
Mark Thoburn
John Watson
Ron Wild
Tsu-Ching Yu


For more details about this amazing exhibit please see the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche website: