See You There: Design Our Tomorrow, Screens, MeshMarketing!

We have a busy weekend and week ahead of us…we will be attending Design our Tomorrow, Screens and MeshMarketing.  Learn more about the events and our involvement below!  As always follow us on Twitter and Google+ to hear about how it’s all going!


The Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) Conference brings together the world’s greatest visionaries to inspire young people to create, innovate, and better the world. The topics covered include: technology, science, design, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and the arts.  We will be showing two incredible IAEP prototypes at this event: Neighbourhoodie and The Quetzal!

The Quetzal (Creative Team: Michael Evask, Ryan Rizzo, and Mark Thoburn)

The Quetzal is an interactive narrative (story-game) interfaced via EEG biofeedback. Harnessing the latest in consumer-level EEG technology, The Quetzal weaves 2D illustrations and 3D game play into a rich narrative tapestry. Through the power of thought, audience members become actors in The Quetzal.

If you would like to be scheduled to be part of The Quetzal experience during Design Our Tomorrow please email myself ( and I will let you know what time-slots are available.

Neighbourhoodie (Creative Team: Rose Bianchini, David McCallum, and Kathleen Climie)

Neighbourhoodie is an Interactive Hoodie and Game Platform for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This comfy, hooded garmet is fully outfitted with speakers in the hood, LED lights and other electronics, so that once plugged into an iPod Touch or iPhone, the world is turned into a video game through the use of light, sound and sensors. Neighbourhoodie combines the energy of street games with the thrill of interactive game play. Play games you know, enhanced with lights and sounds or create new games. Explore the gesture of pulling the hood up, not to withdraw from the world, but to enter into a world of collaborative experience. Be your own video game!


When: Saturday November 12, 2011. 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Where: Bahen Centre (40 St. George St.) and Convocation Hall (31 King’s College Circle)
Register now:


SCREENS is a conference that is dedicated to mobile, tablet and set top box development. SCREENS is jam packed with information and a massive networking opportunity, SCREENS consists of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions. It is one of the only events in the world designed for developers of all platforms of screen content.

Check out the schedule online!


meshmarketing is a one-day event focused on providing attendees with insight, perspective and information to more effectively embrace and capitalize on the fast-growing digital market. A morning of thought-provoking keynote conversations will be followed by an afternoon of interactive and engaging panels and workshops.

I will be attending MeshMarketing and live-tweeting from @cfcmedialab (follow us!) as well as writing an article for <STABLETALK>!  Stay tuned!