Announcing Our First Ever ideaBOOST Cohort!

Chosen by a special jury made up of industry leaders and digital producers, we are excited to announce the 8 projects selected for this first cohort of ideaBOOST!  Way to go final 8, we can’t wait to see how your projects progress!

AsapSCIENCE (Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown)
The Path (SmokeBomb Entertainment)
The Buffer Film Festival (Apprentice A Productions)
The Ghost Town Project (Intuitive Pictures).  
Loud on Planet X (Pop Sandbox)
Ramen Party (Lillian Chan and Justin Poon)
Rollers of the Realm (Phantom Compass)
Your Task // Shoot Things (YT//ST Labs)

Learn more about them here:

Also be sure to check out the photos from our ideaBOOST launch!