Monthly Archives: April 2014

Ellyn Winters-Robinson: Promote Storytelling in Your PR Strategy

When developing your company’s PR strategy, Ellyn Winters-Robinson says that you first need to establish your goals. What are you trying to achieve? Do these goals align with your overall marketing strategy? Some potential goals can include attracting investors or talent, showcasing your expertise, or managing conflicts or perceptions around your branding. Your PR strategy […]

Business Coach Warren Coughlin on “Y You Profit”

When launching a new business strategy, Warren Coughlin says the following is something one must keep in mind. Business comes from two broad categories: repeat customers and new customers. Both types will require a different acquisition strategy, as they will have very different needs and expectations. Combining the strategies for the repeat and new customers […]

ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate Unveils Apps For Glass Explorers in San Francisco

  Mahubay is a Tagalog greeting used at gatherings and parties, meaning either “Cheers!”, “Welcome” or “May you live.” It’s also the former name of the music venue, Mahubay Gardens, which was the favourite haunt of various punk and new waves bands of the 70s including Blondies, Avengers, Dead Kennedys, Nuns and Crime. Now in […]