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ASTOUND Salon: Accessing Private Investment by Numbers

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Last night at the Spoke Club in Toronto, producers and content creators learned the importance of crunching the numbers and understanding analytics for attracting investment at this year’s second ASTOUND Salon.

Anne Marie Maduri, from Maduri & Associates, along with Debra McLaughlin of Strategic Inc., teamed up and laid out some tips for digital, film and TV producers looking to raise capital in today’s market.


Three core questions that must be answered for investors are:

  • Why should they invest?
  • What is it exactly that they are investing in?
  • What is the expected return?

Without the answers to these questions, investors could quickly walk away from a deal. They don’t want to do your homework for you, they want you to come prepared with numbers in tow.

“What’s the profile of your target audience? Who is the target market? Investors want to know this,” Maduri said, as she outlined her core revenue equations.

But where all of this data comes from varies between mediums and also by market and contractual agreements. There really is no such thing as too much data when looking for investment.


Some other key takeaways from the presentation:

  • If you are pitching a pilot, try to build into your contract with a broadcaster that you attain the broadcaster’s performance data report.
  • Broadcasters want to see a diverse revenue mix for TV content — not just one revenue stream. Think branded content, second screen, etc.
  • Use the large resources available to you, as well as smaller niche measurements to form an audience profile. The CRTC & CMPA have extensive data resources that are helpful in this regard.
  • Investors want to know what your market differentiator is, and they want to know that you are aware of all of your competition. To say that you have no competition is a major faux pas in raising capital.
  • For digital media properties, you have to think outside the box, develop a dialogue with the right investors and find ways to appeal to them, as they may not fully understand the market. “The investor’s children will likely know more about digital media than they do,” Maduri said.


This Saturday, October 19, is the ASTOUND Summit. For more information on the day’s events and how you can participate, please visit

The ASTOUND Initiative is led by CFC Media Lab in partnership with Hot Docs, and OCADU. ASTOUND is made possible through The Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund administered by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport.

CFC Media Lab Guest Faculty Member to speak at “Privacy: Generations”, Israel


CFC Media Lab Guest Faculty member, Kate Raynes-Goldie, will be speaking at the 32nd Annual Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners – Privacy: Generations on the Plenary panel: “Where are we now? The inter-generational shift in privacy perceptions”
For hundreds of generations privacy has been recognized as a fundamental human right in Israel.
Today, privacy stands at a crossroads. The existing legal and regulatory frameworks, in the EU, US, and OECD, as well as in Israel, date back to the 1980s and 1990s. They predate a new generation of technologies including mobile devices, biometrics, RFID, cloud computing, indeed, the Internet itself – which has swept through the marketplace with such force so as to destabilize laws and regulations. They have seen shifts in the perception of privacy among a new generation of users, who post personal information and communicate with friends and colleagues on social networks. Policymakers all over the world realize that this sea change calls for a new generation of governance.

Join us in Israel, a land melding old with new – from the religious, cultural and historical heritage of Jerusalem, to the high tech start ups of what has become known as Silicon Wadi.

- Yoram Hacohen, Head of ILITA

Privacy: Generations runs from October 27-29 (October 29: closed session for regulators)


OMDC Provides Refund for Early Stage Development


OMDC Intellectual Property (IP) Development Fund assists Ontario corporations by providing a refund of 30% of prior costs incurred in direct support of eligible early stage development activities to bring screen-based content properties closer to production or market ready stage.

Qualifying Ontario corporations may apply for expenditures incurred over the course of a taxation year that relate to a slate of early stage development activities undertaken by the corporation.

Eligible expenditures are those incurred after March 31, 2009 up to and including March 31, 2010.

Applicants may apply up to twice during the span of the pilot program. Applicants must submit their application to OMDC at the end of a taxation year in which the applicant has incurred expenditures for eligible early stage development activities (Year End Application). If the applicant chooses, they may also file an Interim Application prior to their taxation year end. To be eligible to file an Interim Application a qualifying corporation must still meet all of the eligibility requirements set out in the guidelines, including the requirement to have incurred a minimum $30,000 in early stage development costs.

Click here for Guidelines and applications forms.

5th Annual Content 360 Challenge at MIPTV 2010



The most anticipated cross-media pitching challenge of the new decade has begun accepting entries for new ideas and techniques to engage audiences across digital platforms.

Finalists including independent producers, interactive agencies and digital designers will be invited to Cannes, France (April 12-16) to pitch ideas LIVE to major international networks, including the BBC, TF1, KCC, NFB, and the European Commission.

This rapid-fire competition sets the creative pulse for the Content 360 Festival, part of MIPTV’s all-new MIPDigital event programme.

Since its launch 4 years ago, the Content 360 Challenge has attracted over 1400 new ideas from 42 countries and awarded €400,000 in development funding.

Category: CONTENT 360 “Next Generation Audience Engagement”. A creative challenge for new talent, companies or freelancers, with truly new and unique application or content ideas with mass potential to attract and engage audiences.

Category: KOREA COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (KCC) “Engaging with children through the use of Connected TV”. Best educational content or service idea to engage with children through Wed TV, DMB and IPTV including any kind of connected TV.

Category: NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA (NFB) – “Next Generation Online Video Experience”. The National Film Board of Canada is on the lookout for the best and brightest to push the online video experience to a whole new level and imagine the next “killer feature” for the website.

Category: TF1 PUBLICITÉ – “New Advertising formats”. TF1 Publicité is looking for new advertising formats and/or cross media techniques to complement TV campaigns (TV commercials, billboards or short form programs) in order to maximize the efficiency of traditional TV advertising methods.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: February 15, 2010.

European Commission Challenge details.

For more information on “Content 360 – MIPTV Cross Media Challenge” visit here or contact

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Sheffield Doc/Fest announce 2009 “Cross-Media Challenge”


The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Sheffield Doc/Fest announce 2009 “Cross-Media Challenge”

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Sheffield Doc/Fest are issuing a call for proposals for the third CROSS-MEDIA CHALLENGE on the theme of MIGRATIONS

The CROSS-MEDIA CHALLENGE is a competition for innovative, interactive, socially engaged content with applications for mobile and broadband. The winning producer will sign a production development deal with the NFB worth C$10,500/£5,000. The deadline for entries is October 9, 2009. Four semi-finalists will be invited to present their projects at a panel session during the Sheffield Doc/Fest. The winner will be announced at the festival’s Cross Platform program. Semi-finalists must finance their own travel to the festival.


A global leader in developing content for new platforms, the NFB wants to ensure the digital future has room for artistic innovation and social relevance. The CROSS-MEDIA CHALLENGE is one way of reaching out to potential new production partners.

The CROSS-MEDIA CHALLENGE offers media makers an opportunity to develop projects that:
• Inspire an exchange of storytelling practices among diverse communities
• Use media innovatively to foster an international dialogue on issues with local roots
• Unleash the creative talents of alternative voices and communities

The NFB is interested in projects that use the versatility, mobility and borderless nature of new platforms to enable communities to talk to each other.. Projects must be documentary based. The theme for the 2009 challenge is MIGRATIONS.
Eligible projects must be multi-platform, involving the best features of each medium to ensure maximum audience participation. Projects should take full advantage of the range of new platforms, with particular emphasis on those that are interactive, mobile and online. Projects must feature direct contact and interaction with communities as part of their development plan.


Submitted proposals should be a maximum of two pages and provide a succinct overview of your project, a development plan and development budget summary along with any supporting audiovisual material. Proposals must be received by October 9, 2009.

Proposals (including your full name and address) should be e-mailed to Hugues Sweeney <> , Multimedia advisor and designer

All the audiovisual material must be accessible from a web site or a FTP server.

More info here –

Charlie Phillips
Marketplace Producer
Sheffield Doc/Fest
The Workstation
15 Paternoster Row
Sheffield, S1 2BX, England
Tel  +44-(0)7960-954307
+44-(0)114-276 5141
Fax +44-(0)114-272 1849

4-8 November 2009
Doc/Fest Sheffield is where the international documentary family gets together under one roof for a week of intense deal-making, docwatching and debate.. It is the UK’s premier documentary festival/conference and a must-attend event on the industry calendar

LG Life’s Good Film Festival – 100K in prize money!


The Banff New Media Institute, Zero1, Sundance Institute partner on Locative Cinema commission

This looks like an amazing opportunity especially for those of you that are super excited by place, space and site specific projects. And they’ll even give you money to do it!



For more information on Locative Cinema Commission:

For more information the Banff New Media Institute at The Banff Centre:

Media Contacts:
Doniece Sandoval, Chief External Relations Officer, ZERO1: The Art and Technology Network • 415.846.4988

Brooks Addicott, Associate Director, Media Relations, Sundance Institute • 435.658.3456

Jill Sawyer, Media & Communications Officer, The Banff Centre • 403.762.6475

Industry Advisory: Changes to Canada New Media Fund Guidelines for 2009-2010

March 20, 2009 – Telefilm Canada is pleased that the Canada New Media Fund (CNMF) has been renewed for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. As this is a transition year, there are new application deadlines and an early completion date for client projects, events and initiatives in order to close the fund within the fiscal period. To help facilitate CNMF applications, Telefilm has alleviated its documentation requirements as well as the application process.

The deadline for Product Assistance applications for the development, production and marketing of Canadian interactive digital cultural content products intended for the general public is May 4, 2009.

Changes to CNMF Product Assistance Guidelines will include:

Omission of the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage;
Reduced documentation requirements for filing a complete application;
Clear demonstration of a confirmed financial structure; and,
Project completion by January 29, 2010 (including project delivery and final cost delivery).

The deadline for Sectoral Assistance applications that support industry-led events or initiatives benefiting the industry is June 19, 2009. There will be similar guidelines for Sectoral Assistance applications as in previous years, but with alleviated documentation requirements.

Telefilm recognizes the challenges that these constraints place on our clients and fund guidelines are being adjusted accordingly. Guidelines and application forms will be available by April 15, 2009 at

Clients are encouraged to consult their regional CNMF contacts prior to submitting applications.

Celeste Prize – A new arts prize decided by artists!

Celeste Prize 2009 is an international contemporary art prize in which artists decide who wins the prize money!

Painting, Photography, Video, Installation, Sculpture, Animation, Performance, Live Media, Live Audio Video Performance, DJ/VJ Set.

Entries by 30 june 2009


Scholarship Opportunity for Ontario artists and producers at Banff

Quebecor Fund scholarship will bring Ontario producers to Banff

With the financial support of the Quebecor Fund, two Ontario-based producers will once again have the opportunity to pursue professional development opportunities through a 21-day residency at the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) at The Banff Centre. The new scholarship has been specifically created for Aboriginal and visible minority new media producers.

“The Quebecor Fund is proud to support talented professionals to develop their skills and projects further,” says Derek Luis, Executive Director of Independent Production for SUN TV/Quebecor Media Inc. “We know that putting the creative, technical and human resources of The Banff Centre for the Arts in the hands of storytellers, and the added inspirational setting of Banff, is a winning combination.”

The Quebecor Fund Scholarship, under the banner “The Banff New Media Institute & Quebecor Production Fellowship,” will support two Ontario-based producers at a value of up to $5000 each, providing the participants with world-class support, professional development, mentoring, and career guidance and will allow content creators to gain experience and expertise in diverse areas of production and technology.

Application forms for the BNMI scholarships can be found at Applications will be adjudicated in March 2009 for residencies to take place between April 2009 and December 2009.

The Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) is an internationally respected art and digital research innovation centre. BNMI programs support the production of new creative work, and the engagement of artists, producers, technologists, and researchers with digital culture.

The Quebecor Fund for Professional Development in Film and Television has been established as part of the SUN TV benefits package. The Fund supports innovative initiatives for experienced professionals from under-represented groups as identified by industry studies (CAB, WIFT), and aims to contribute to creating equity in the Canadian television industry.