The following prototypes were created during the CFC Media Lab TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program, a five-month post-graduate residency program that provides theoretical and production frameworks for designing and creating digital media products, content and technologies. The TELUS IAEP sets itself apart from other digital media programs in a number of ways:

  • It is a collaborative production program: residents come to the TELUS IAEP to work on projects together.
  • It is partially self-directed: residents choose their projects and teams during the program and spend almost three months in studio production mode.
  • It is meant to be the starting point towards further development of individuals teams, and/or prototypes: residents leave the TELUS IAEP with either a prototype, or a team, or a company, or a better understanding of where they fit or a combination thereof. Graduating from the TELUS IAEP provides the entry point into a community and network of digital media practitioners.

By: Dee Balkissoon,Cathy Chen, Orla Garriques, Conor Holler
Spring 2010

By: Dawn Buie, Liz Gallo, David Goorevitch

By: Rose Bianchini, Kathleen Climie, David McCallum
Fall 2009

Unit N-014
By: Justin Ferrato, Camille Betts
Fall 2009

By: Milan Chotai, Sarah Margles
Spring 2009

By: Jarrod Barker
Spring 2009

Found Wanting
By: Brendan Hennessy, Nevena Niagolova, Arthur Maughan
Spring 2009

Another Round
By: Shahid Quardri, Mike Schaus, Danielle Williams, Steve Ferguson
Fall 2008

Bell Payphone Labs
By: Laura Paolini, Pearl Chen
Fall 2008

Shh Ahh Ohh
By: Rea McNamara, Nicholas Longstaff
Spring 2008

By: Angella Mackey, Patrick Dinnen, Jeffrey Wright, Deiren Masterson
Spring 2008

By: Andrew Mallis, Ulysses Castellanos, Genevieve Godin, Simone Maurice, Tristen Brown
Fall 2007

By: Sharon Sapporta, Zan Chandler, Elliot Woolner
Fall 2007

By: Isabella Stefanescu, Carlo Ghioni
Fall 2007

By: Sarah Townsend, Dave Reynolds, Mary Plasterer, Jason Goodman
Fall 2007

World With Out Water
By: Tahir Mahmood, Kalli Paakspuu, Suzette Araujo
Spring 2007

Witness That Place
By: Sarah Shamash, Patricia Lee
Spring 2007

By: Katie Kehoe, Brule Seignoret, Gregory Richardson, Sanjay Papinazath
Fall 2006

By: Chris Mendis, David Clark, Jeff Howard, Shelley Simmons
Spring 2006

By: Tom Kuo, Rachel Vulliens
Spring 2006

Perfidia Gardens
By: Alison Lise Fournier Brooks, Ryan FitzGerald, Maggie Greyson, Aaron Wieland
Spring 2006

Shanghai Gallery
By: Annie Spencer, Faustine Faubert
Spring 2006

Things Left Unsaid
By: Sharon Switzer, Bronwyn Anderson, Melisandre Schofield
Spring 2006

By: Rawl Banton, Geoff Phillips, Rami Posner
Spring 2006

By: Mike Dobson, Mario Marquez Lartigue
Spring 2005

My Doki Doki
By: James Milward, Jonathan Resnick, Trevor Shaikin
Spring 2005

Painting the Myth
By: Gordon Culley, James Chaarani, Trevor Haldenby, Anthony F. Saad
Spring 2005

By: Warren Brown, Louise Charlebois, Kirstin Hargie
Spring 2005

Echo Live
By: Adam Bacsalmasi, James de Roche, Robert Kori Golding
Fall 2004

Right or Left Unsaid
By: Kate Raynes-Goldie, Owen Milburn, Sohei Oguro, Bruce Charlap
Spring 2004

West Queen West
By: Suyin Looui, Timothy Sullivan, Ian Harvey, Daria Zamaria
Fall 2004

Days of the Week
By: George Buckman, Eva Riinitze, Evan Jones, Cris Jaw
Spring 2003

Into It [Action Pact / Accessible Action Pact]
By: Deborah Hession, Faisel Anwar, Bernard Dobrovolskis
Fall 2003

By: Andy Davis, Catherine Lathwell
Fall 2003

Mobile Mysteries
By: Elizabeth Littlejohn, Martin Blake
Fall 2003

By: Shawn Micallef, James Roussel, Gabe Sawhney
Spring 2003

Subtle Social Experiment
By: Adam Leon, David Mills, Patrocio Penteando
Fall 2003

Dinner 4/8
By: Annette Paiement, Stuart Thompson, Rosalind Mills, Martin Stevens
Spring 2002

In My Own Image
By: Evan Georgiades
Fall 2002

By: Sheila Farragher, Greg Goralski, Maclin Williams
Spring 2002

Poetry e-motion
By: Alex Leftner
Spring 2002

Some Assembly Required
By: Seken Chung, C.J. Hervey, Marybeth McKenzie
Spring 2002

Shoe Vox
By: Margit Hideg, Yone Dudas
Spring 2002

XMF – Extended Modular Fashion
By: Mong Phu
Fall 2002

Global Taxi
By: David Hartman, Jim Miller
Spring 2001

By: Ilanit Neutra
Spring 2001

Pax Warrior
By: Sean Hopen, Jane Sommerville, Andreas Ua’siaghail
Fall 2001

Scratch This!
By: Roopa Chadha, Tania Cogan, Andrew Currie, Andrew Johnson, Neset Kircalioglu
Spring 2001

By: Blair MacKinnon, David Oppenheim, Midi Onodera
Spring 2001

By: Samantha Hodder, Karen Rehner, Colin Jesse Salter, Geoffery Siskind
Spring 2001

1953: A night on Shuter Street
By: Alastair Jarvis, Katie MacGuire, Carolina Ostos, Tamara Rebanks
Spring 2000

By: Michael Cohen
Spring 2000

By: Daniel Berman, Adina Goldman, Adam Weissengruber, Jonathan Wood
Spring 2000
By: Robert Labosierre
Spring 2000

Anansi’s World of Folklore
By: Jacqueline Nuwame, Judith Newman
Fall 2000

Record Of An Unreal Dwelling
By: Ward M. Eagan
Fall 2000

By: Stephen Boyd, Napolean Broussaud, Rodrigo Cabellero, Paul Szapowski
Fall 2000

Dating the Zodiac
By: Karyn Zypchyn, Connie Contardi
Fall 1999

By: Andrew Brady, Daryl  Cloran, Jim Hand-Cukierman, mike Kasprow, Rebecca Scott
Fall 1999

Mako Ads
By: Maxim Fishman, Yong-Eui Hong, Aiden Tierney
Spring 1999

My Name is Elliot B
By: Donald Anderson, John Kalangis, Maria Rotella
Fall 1999

By: Noam Muscovitch, Lisa Santiago, Ed Wong, Annabell Hoffman
Fall 1999

Conrad the Clown
By: Edgar Thatcher, Richard Kanee, Michael Bryson, Producer: Michael McKeever
Spring 1998

Gentle Subversion: The Canadian Psyche on Film
By: Zev Asher, Frank Desimini, Richard Bingham
Fall 1998

I Matter
By: Richard Lane, Sharman Wilson, Aurea Dempsey
Fall 1998

Our Definition
By: Dave Bastedo, Susan Cohen, Anthony Williams
Spring 1998

By: Suzanne Stein, Clementina Koppman,  Alan Wong
Spring 1997

Great Story Engine
By: Tessa Sproule, Jason Cliff, Kato Wake, Rena Dempsey, Rand Ardell
Fall 1997

The Seen
By: Jeremy Diamond, Denny Silver-Thorne, Adrian Carter
Fall 1997