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CFC Media Lab Alumni Nominated for Canadian Screen Awards


This week, the Academy of Canadian Film & Television announced the nominations for the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. Much to our delight, several alumni and current program participants of the CFC Media Lab were included in this year’s crop of digital media nominations.

We congratulate the following on their nominations:


Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth 

  • The Next Step Interactive - Secret Location - James Milward


Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction 

  • Continuum Interactive - Secret Location - James Milward
  • Murdoch Mysteries: Nightmare on Queen St. - Shaftesbury Films - Christina Jennings, Jay Bennett


Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction 

  • The Republic of Doyle Ride-Along App - CBC - Eva Riinitze
  • The Amazing Race Canada Interactive - Secret Location - CJ Hervey, James Milward


Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction 

  • Big Brother Canada - Secret Location - C.J. Hervey
  • Perfect Storms Interactive - Secret Location - James Milward
  • Over the Rainbow - CBC - Paul Mcgrath, Tessa Sproule

Screenshot 2014-01-15 11.29.51

Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction

  • The Real Backpackers - Smokebomb Entertainment - Jay Bennett


Best Original Interactive Production Produced for Digital Media 

  • Ruby Skye P.I. - Jill Golick Enterprises LTD. - Jill Golick

We wish everyone the best of luck!

Winners of the digital media categories of the Canadian Screen Awards will be announced on March 4, 2014.

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