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Thomas+Guinevere Are Looking for Creative Collaborators for the Luminato Festival!

Thomas+Guinevere is looking for Creative Collaborators to unearth and transpose 200 civilian stories from the War of 1812 into a massive collective expression of art and history that will open June 8, 2012 and be presented everyday until June 24, 2012 as part of the Luminato Festival and the launch of the The War of 1812 Bicentennial.

Specifically, Thomas+Guinevere is looking for Production Collaborators who are interested in helping with the production aspects involved with the Installation Creation Process, the set-up, presentation and strike of the artwork.

If you are interested in participating, please review the Process points below as well as the Previous Versions under the The Encampment menu heading above which were presented in Toronto, New York City and Ottawa to get a better understanding of the artwork and our creative process as well as the FAQ.

How do I apply?

By EMAIL to:

In your SUBJECT line please type: Creative Collaborator Application or Production Collaborator Application

In the BODY of your email please include the required information below:

  • contact information (name, address, email and mobile/phone)
  • a short statement about your background (100 words max)
  • a short statement about why you want to participate either as a Creative or Production Collaborator (100 words max)
  • a personal website if applicable to your creative work

*Please do not send attachments.

Due: March 26, 2012

WHAT happens then?

Your request will be considered by the artists Thom Sokoloski and Jenny-Anne McCowan, after which you will be contacted by email.  If you apply as a Production Collaborator, your application will be considered by the artists in conjunction with our Site and Installation Managers.  Please note that we are not asking you for a submission of a concept. The concept and creation of your work evolves out of your full participation in the Installation Creation Process.

For more details: