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Register Now: Content is King!

At nextMEDIA Toronto, Content is Still King. In the ever changing, multi-screen, social and branded world that is digital, Content still remains king. It is fundamental to both the critical and business success of any digital initiative. That is why at nextMEDIA we have created a comprehensive program for content creators looking to harness the opportunities in the digital media space.

The Content Creators Program at nextMEDIA includes:

Face-to-Faces with Digital Digital Executives 

Book a breakfast with content executives from Microsoft, Yahoo!, Blue Ant Media, CBC, Bell, Astral and Media Experts

Transmedia Storytelling with ideaBOOST

Hear from leading international Transmedia storytellers about how they are pushing the boundaries in interactive storytelling

Online Entertainment

Watch as Yahoo, Google and Rogers roll out their original online video strategies

Audience Development through the Social Web

Learn from leading social media experts how to build your online audience through the web

Commerce, Culture And Content

Learn from Boing Boing creator and internet visionary Cory Doctorow and Chief Digital Officer of the CFC, Ana Serrano how the digital medium is fundamentally changing the rules that we play by.

*Register to attend nextMEDIA’s Content Day and Digi Awards gala on Dec. 4 only, for just $350 with our nextMEDIA Toronto Content Day pass

*Register for an All Access Pass to nextMEDIA and network with Canada’s top digital publishers, media buyers, advertisers and technology companies, for just $645

*Register to attend the Digi Awards on the evening of Dec 4th for just $50

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